CIO Scholarship Fund Board of Directors Election - 12/10/12 - 12/14/12

Cliff Bell
(Infogain - CIO & VP Business Development) - candidate for Member-At-Large

I would like to add my name to the candidate list for election to the Board of Directors of the CIO scholarship fund (Member at large).  The opportunity to be part of improved higher education for under-privileged children is one of my passions. I have been involved in several charities in the past that relate to providing educational grants.

What is exciting about this opportunity is that it gives me a chance to follow my passion for helping students achieve a college degree in a field that I chose to spend 30+ years of my career.  The opportunity to be part of the CIO scholarship fund would be an honor.

In summary, I have been involved with providing help to children in pursuit of further education.  This included fund raising events, speaking and mentoring some of the students, providing equipment, and taking the students on special events.

More details about my past experience is listed below:

  • As a board member of the professional businesswomen of California (PBWC), I was involved in the selection of 3-5 high school seniors who would receive scholarships for college.  These scholarships were given out annually as part the PBWC conference.
  • As a board member of the Bay view YMCA, I have been involved in helping inner city youth find an opportunity for education.  This included taking inner city youth out to meet with corporations and speaking to potential college students about the opportunities that college could provide.  I was personally involved in the setup of the continuing education program during its startup phase.  I worked with the director of the program to create some volunteer programs.  I also arranged events for the students as part of their education.  For two years, I provided laptops to each of the high school graduates who were admitted to college.
  • As a board member of the Providence foundation of San Francisco, I was responsible for the annual fund raising event.  Over the three year period, we raised in excess of $100K for the organization.  In addition, the fund raising event has generated an annual $13K payment from one of the organizations involved in the original event.
  • I have collected and distributed Computer donations to various non-profit organizations based in the inner city of San Francisco.  I also set up a computer lab for a middle school.

It is with great excitement that I submit my name for a board position and Thank You for your consideration to serve at the CIO Scholarship Board of Directors.


Matt Hough (Consultant at PG&E) - candidate for Member-At-Large

I have served on the CIO Scholarship Board for the past year.  In my current role, I have have been part of a stabilization and growth that the fund has enjoyed this past year.  I hope to continue contributing to the overall strategy and execution of the CIO Scholarship fund as a re-elected Board Member.

Professionally, I am a Technology and Business visionary with executive and hands on experience in automating multi-million dollar enterprises.  I have over 15 years of success in creating robust IT architectures and infrastructures as a CIO and Consultant.  I have successfully led multiple Global ERP and Cloud applications implementaions and a have given multiple briefs on the future and current IT challenges at SAP Sapphire, Google, and Deutsche Telekom.


Alison Mark - candidate for Secretary

My interest in contributing to the CIO Scholarship Fund Board of Directors stems from current experience with the organization, personal passion for fundraising and business development including scholarship evaluation and distribution at the university board level and professional experience promoting education and technology.

Both in 2010 and 2011 I had the privilege of speaking with and then supporting the sponsorship at a Platinum level to the Fund with Kyle Rosenthal.  My first hand experience of his dedication and commitment to scholarships for children in technology led me to consider why I want to become part of this group.  And while my company was able to provide the current year’s sponsorship, even more so it was a wonderful opportunity to get further engaged and highlight broadly how critical it is to bring initiatives forward for educating future information technology leaders in the local community.  

My other volunteer positions include working in local schools math and science programs along with current board work serving as the Business Development Chair for the University of California Berkeley, Alumni association (’11- 13 position) a non-profit organization that provided a record number – 7500 scholarship last year!   Revenue generation is an area I have extensive experience and delivering focused programs that appeal to a wide audience to help to connect to this mission and engage the local leadership community.

I have been a recipient of awards programs and know from a personal experience what a difference it makes and providing educational scholarships in technology makes this area a special place to be.  Living and working in Silicon Valley, my entire career is based on 15 years at 3 leading computing and networking organizations– currently at Juniper Networks, before this at Cisco Systems and at Hewlett-Packard I believe the values of the CIO are fundamentals for all business and I understand what these companies value in supporting community and education.

As we are well aware, California’s current financial challenges mean an even greater reliance for colleges and universities to reach out to business and individuals.  This leads me to my personal interest is that we expand both the role of the size, type and make up of funds raised together with the engagement with the institutions and students themselves. This includes looking for new ways to bring the organization financial backing and professional job-related experience activity closer to expand our capabilities for supporting, growing and enabling technology leaders in the community.

I would be honored to be a part of your organization and in the role of Secretary, pledge my commitment to supporting the goals and objectives over the next several years to the CIO Scholarship Fund.  Giving back to the local community is a great pleasure and I welcome the opportunity to work with you all and make this a pre-eminent and well-publicized program over the long-term to engage and give our support.

In summary what I bring to the CIO Scholarship Fund Board is experience in innovation, leadership, governance, strategy, and most of all a passion for youth, technology, fundraising and education. Thank you for your consideration to serve at the CIO Scholarship Fund Board of Directors.


Jeff Richards
(CIO YMCA Silicon Valley) - candidate for Secretary

I am the incumbent Secretary of the Board of Directors, and I am running for a second term and would appreciate your vote.  I have listed my accomplishments during my first term that I believe support my request for your vote for a second term.

I have had two roles this term, one internally facing and the other external. In the internal role, I have helped to formalize processes and procedures of our growing fund.  My accomplishments in this term include the management of two revisions to the CIOSF’s bylaws, codifying our election process and managing our first online election last year.  I also set the agendas and record the decisions for the monthly Board meetings.

Externally I have helped to increase our base of donations to the Fund through our annual golf tournament.  I’ve rounded up several new sponsors who have contributed approximately $40,000 in the last two years. I secured the Tesla Roadster as the Hole in One prize for the 2011 tournament and a Fisker Karma for the 2012 tournament.

My contribution to the Fund’s latest book, The CIO Body of Knowledge, was as author of the Outsourcing and Offshoring chapter and editor of others.  All royalties from the book are contributed directly to the Fund.

Professionally I am currently the CIO of the YMCA of Silicon Valley, one of the 10 largest YMCA associations in the U.S. and the 4th largest nonprofit in Silicon Valley; we serve nearly 180,000 members from communities that span from Gilroy to Redwood City and from the Pacific Coast to the San Francisco Bay.

In addition I am the Managing Partner of the Office of the CIO’s professional services business, a consulting firm primarily composed of former CIOs. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement of qualifications and I hope that I can count on your support for another term.


Walt Thinfen (Visioneer CIO &  VP of Support and Services) - candidate for Member-At-Large

Walt has served on the CIO Scholarship Board for over three years.  Over the past three years, this board has led us through tremendous growth both in participants of our annual golf fundraising, funding raised and number of scholarship awarded to local colleges and universities benefiting kids in need.  Walt also serve on the Child Advocates of Silicon Valley an organization which serves  abused, neglected or abandoned children in Santa Clara County.  Additionally, he also serve on the Livermore Charter School Council.

Professionally, Walt Thinfen is responsible for directing all aspects of technology, ERP implementation, business process improvements and systems development at Visioneer.  Visioneer, a privately held company, is a world-class developer of intelligent imaging solutions. He leads Global Information Technology, project portfolio management, sourcing and vendor management, and information systems.   He is also responsible for the Customer Support and services organization.    He brings to the Visioneer team extensive systems development and information management experience, along with a wealth of knowledge and leadership skills from more than 20 years of experience in systems implementation, business operations and project management, with particular expertise in SAAS Solutions and Integration Technologies, Cloud & virtualization technologies, ERP systems including SAP, Oracle and CRM software.    Thinfen graduated from California State University school of Business Administration with emphasis on Information Systems.